Cardiology Treadmill 3

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Cardiology Treadmill 3: Revolutionizing Cardiovascular Fitness

1. State-of-the-Art Cardiovascular Exercise Experience

Embark on a journey of cardiovascular fitness with the Cardiology Treadmill 3, a cutting-edge exercise machine designed for optimal heart health. This state-of-the-art treadmill offers an immersive exercise experience, seamlessly combining technology and fitness for users seeking a superior cardio workout.

Uncover the features of our advanced treadmill:

  • High-tech console for personalized workouts
  • Variable incline options for versatile training
  • Heart rate monitoring for precision fitness tracking

2. Comfort Meets Performance with Ergonomic Design

Elevate your workout experience with the ergonomic design of the Cardiology Treadmill 3. This treadmill prioritizes user comfort without compromising on performance, featuring a spacious running deck, shock absorption technology, and intuitive controls. Enjoy every step of your fitness journey with this perfect blend of comfort and performance.

Discover the comfort-performance synergy:

  • Spacious and comfortable running deck
  • Shock absorption technology for joint protection
  • Intuitive controls for a seamless workout experience

3. Smart Connectivity for Engaging Workouts

Immerse yourself in a world of smart fitness with the Cardiology Treadmill 3. Connect seamlessly with fitness apps, track your progress in real-time, and stay motivated with interactive features. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a beginner, this treadmill brings a new level of engagement to your cardiovascular workouts.

Unleash the power of smart connectivity:

  • Seamless integration with fitness apps
  • Real-time progress tracking for motivation
  • Interactive features for an engaging workout experience

Features of  Cardiology Treadmill 3

  1.  Advanced Windows-based stress test software enables accurate recording and motion artefacts reduction in stress ECG
  2. Treadmill protocols can either be preset or can be programmed by the user
  3. USB-based ECG acquisition unit that acquires and transfers ECG data to PC through wired interface
    1. HES® HANNOVER ECG system for analysis and interpretation
    2. Stress Test Automated Blood Pressure Monitoring with HES® HANNOVER ECG system: Sun Tech’s TANGO acquisition unit – leading edge technology in accurate motion tolerant BP monitoring for STS


Recording an accurate and reliable BP reading at correct intervals during a stress-test may become difficult and stressful for clinicians and lab technicians.

Dynatrac Ultra is the latest stress-test-system which is programmed to initiate BP measurement at precise moments during each stage and designed to overcome noise, motion and physical difficulties associated with exercise testing.


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