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Experience sterilization excellence with the Autoclave. Efficient, time-saving, and prioritizing patient safety, this advanced sterilization technology elevates your infection control standards. Ensure a safer practice environment with cutting-edge autoclave precision.


Autoclave: Sterilization Excellence for a Safer Practice

Advanced Sterilization Technology

Introducing the Autoclave, a pinnacle of sterilization excellence designed to ensure a safer and hygienic practice environment. This advanced autoclave utilizes cutting-edge technology to eliminate pathogens and bacteria from your dental instruments, providing peace of mind for both practitioners and patients. Elevate your infection control standards with an autoclave that prioritizes safety and efficiency.

Key features for sterilization excellence:

  • High-pressure steam sterilization for thorough disinfection
  • Automatic drying cycle for ready-to-use instruments
  • Intuitive controls for easy operation and monitoring

Efficient and Time-Saving Sterilization

Streamline your sterilization processes with the Autoclave’s efficient and time-saving capabilities. The high-pressure steam ensures rapid and effective sterilization, reducing downtime and enhancing overall workflow efficiency. Elevate your infection control protocols by incorporating an autoclave that not only meets but exceeds industry standards.

Efficiency-driven features:

  • Quick sterilization cycles for shortened turnaround times
  • Large chamber capacity for versatile instrument sterilization
  • User-friendly interface for hassle-free operation

Patient Safety Through Instrument Sterility

Prioritize patient safety by ensuring the sterility of your dental instruments with the Autoclave. The meticulous sterilization process guarantees that every instrument used in patient care is free from contaminants, contributing to a safer and more trustworthy dental experience. Elevate your patient-centric care with an autoclave that reinforces your commitment to their well-being.

Patient-friendly features:

  • Silent operation for a serene treatment environment
  • External water filling for easy maintenance
  • Compact design for efficient use of space in your practice

Benchtop Autoclave/Steam Sterilizer Code: LFSSBAA
Category: Class B

Description Small Autoclave
Class B
Certification  ISO 13485
Standard BS EN 13060:2004 + A2:2010
Frequency 50Hz
Plug 3 hole plug
Wattage 1950 VA
Sterilization temperature 105 – 134℃
Max working pressure 0.21-0.23MPA
Life span 5 years
Diameter of chamber 25 CM
Depth of chamber 35 CM
Volume of chamber 18 L
Material of chamber Stainless steel 304
Colors available White
Screen type LCD
Screen size 6 X 4.25 cm
Language available English, Italian, German, Chinese
Lock system of door Mechanic + electrical lockers
User password Yes
Output Thermo printer & USB
Net weight 53 kgs
Gross weight / carton 61 kgs
Product size 61 X 50 X 43cm
Package size 73 X 57 X 51cm
Min size of table for installation 54 x 41.5 cm


18 ltr

Brand : Lafomed


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