Auto Refractometer

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Step into the future of eye care with our Auto Refractometer. Experience visionary accuracy, streamlined examinations, and patient-centric comfort. Elevate your vision journey with technology designed to provide precise prescriptions efficiently and comfortably. Upgrade your visual experience today.


An auto-refractor or optometer is an instrument that helps in the automated assessment of refraction. This is an alternative method of finding out the refraction error in contrast to the conventional refractive technique. The procedure is called refractometry or optometry.


1) Using the ARM processor and the latest domestic image
processing , the system is fast and the image is clear.
2) Japan’s mature optical path system, humanized automatic
mist measurement process, to reduce the error caused by
adjustment, more precise measurements.
3) Light rack wi th integral casting, CNC machining , measuring
system is more stable, good consistency.
4) Color LCD display, 5.7 in ches man-machine interface is more
5) PD automatic measurement function , automatically PD value
6) One key lock function, quickly locking mobile platforms
7) Innovative designs , according with the structure of human
body engineering, to bring customers good aesthetic feeling
and comfortable
8) Data transmission wi th CV7200, improved efficiency of on line

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