Anesthesia Machine JINLING 820

20.000,00 د.إ 10

Introducing the Anesthesia Machine JINLING 820 – a state-of-the-art solution designed to meet the demands of modern healthcare, ensuring precise and reliable administration of anesthesia. This advanced anesthesia system is crafted to enhance patient safety and streamline the workflow of healthcare professionals.

Anesthesia Machine JINLING 820

This paragraph anesthesia machine adopts advanced and stable APL valve device, suitable for low flow anesthesia, color LCD screen, can display time pressure, flow time and pressure-volume loop, with oxygen concentration monitoring, and optional plug-in patient monitoring, composition anesthesia workstation.


Anesthesia ventilator  

  • Pneumatically driven electronically controlled system
  • Built-in ventilator, 5.7”LCD display
  • With 1 patient circuit for adult (Optional:patient circuit for children)
  • 4-tube flowmeters, O2 & N2O & Air;0.1L/Min ~ 10 L/Min;
  • One vaporizers, Enflurane/Isoflurane/Sevoflurane; (Optional: Halothane)
  • Oxygen Flush: 25~75 L/Min;
  • Respiration Mode: IPPV, SIPPV(VCV), IMV,SIMV, PEEP, Manu, Sigh
  • Tidal Volume: 0~1500 mL;I:E: 8:1~1:10
  • Respiration Frequency: 1~99bpm;
  • PEEP: 1~10 hPa;
  • Ptr: -10~10 hPa;
  • CO2 absorber capacity: 1 kg
  • Lung compliance: ≤ 30mL/kPa;
  • IMV frequency: 1~12bpm
  • Inspiratory Plateau: 0~1S;
  • O2 Concentration: 21%~100%
  • Alarm parameter: upper /lower limit ofairway pressure, tidal volume exceed limitation, no tidal volume output, apnea,AC power malfunction, battery low power


Patient Monitor

  • 1”TFT large screen of high resolution
  • ECG: 5-lead, gain:×2.5mm/mV ×5.0mm/mV×10mm/mV ×20mm/mV, analysis of ST segment and abnormal of heart rate(anti-defibrillate, anti-HF    electrotome)
  • Heart Rate: 20~250bpm
  • RESP: Impedance, range: 0~100bpm
  • SpO2: 0%~100%
  • Pulse Rate: 20~250bpm
  • NIBP: SBP, DBP, MBP, 10~270mmHg interval ofautomatic measurement 1~90min adjustable
  • TEMP: 0~50ºC
  • Alarm: Audio and visual alarm
  • Tendency record 96 hours


Loop part

  • Integrated design, integrated breathingcircuit


  • High-precision One evaporators configuration, enflurane or isoflurane or Sevflurane or Haloflurane
  • Concentration adjustment range: 0.5 ~ 5%VOL
  • Evaporator flow, pressure, and automatictemperature compensation function
  • Self-locking feature



  • Vaporizer: One vaporizers, Enflurane/Isoflurane/Sevoflurane(Option: Halothane)
  • Anesthesia gas concentration range: 0.5~5%
  • Soda lime absorption system: resistance tohigh temperature of 176 degrees Celsius.
  • ISO certificates approved


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