Ambu Bag

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A bag valve mask, sometimes known by the proprietary name Ambu bag or generically as a manual resuscitator or “self-inflating bag”, is a hand-held device commonly used to provide positive pressure ventilation to patients who are not breathing or not breathing adequately



1. Emergency Respiratory Assistance

Elevate Critical Care

Introducing the Ambu Bag, your reliable companion for emergency respiratory assistance. Experience the assurance of a device designed to deliver immediate support in critical moments. Whether you’re a healthcare professional responding to emergencies or a caregiver ensuring respiratory well-being at home, the Ambu Bag ensures a swift and effective response for elevated critical care.

Unlock the potential of emergency respiratory assistance. The Ambu Bag is meticulously crafted with advanced technology, offering a controlled and efficient means of delivering breaths. Elevate your critical care capabilities with a device that combines innovation, reliability, and a commitment to ensuring respiratory support in urgent situations.

2. Portable and User-Friendly Design

Ready Anytime, Anywhere

The Ambu Bag boasts a Portable and User-Friendly Design, ensuring readiness for respiratory support anytime, anywhere. With its compact structure and straightforward operation, this bag-valve-mask device allows healthcare professionals and caregivers to respond promptly in various settings. Experience the convenience of on-the-go respiratory support without compromising on efficiency.

Experience the ease of portable respiratory assistance. The Ambu Bag’s design prioritizes portability and user-friendliness, facilitating quick responses to respiratory emergencies. Elevate your critical care capabilities with a device that offers the flexibility to provide respiratory support in diverse healthcare settings and home environments.

3. Transparent Design for Monitoring

Visualize Respiratory Efforts

Empower healthcare professionals and caregivers with the transparency of the Ambu Bag’s design, allowing for easy monitoring of respiratory efforts. The clear material provides a visual cue during ventilation, ensuring accurate and controlled support. Whether in emergency rooms, ambulances, or home care, this feature enhances the ability to visualize and assess the effectiveness of respiratory assistance.

Experience the clarity of respiratory monitoring. The Ambu Bag’s transparent design enables healthcare professionals and caregivers to visualize respiratory efforts, enhancing the accuracy of support. Elevate your critical care capabilities with a device that prioritizes transparency without compromising on the reliability of respiratory assistance.

Provide assisted ventilation to people who are either not breathing or are having trouble breathing. The bag needs to be compressed to force a volume of air into the lungs

Consists of a bag, adapter and one-way valve. The bag is the main part of the device. It can be attached directly to an endotracheal tube or a mask using the adapter.

The bag also has a one-way valve which allows the oxygen to flow to the patient and prevents the patient from breathing in his exhaled air. Some bags may have a reservoir, which increases the amount of oxygen the patient receives.


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