ABPM Machine

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Experience precision in blood pressure monitoring with our ABPM Machine. Wearable comfort, reliable readings, and comprehensive insights empower you to prioritize your cardiovascular health. Make informed choices for a healthier, more vibrant life.

1. Accurate Blood Pressure Tracking for Informed Health Choices

Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring

Elevate your health journey with our advanced ABPM Machine, your ultimate companion for precise blood pressure monitoring. This sophisticated device employs cutting-edge technology to provide accurate readings, empowering you to make informed choices about your cardiovascular well-being. Stay proactive, stay healthy with the ABPM Machine.

Uncover accurate tracking features:

  • State-of-the-art blood pressure monitoring
  • Precision sensors for reliable readings
  • Empowers informed health decisions

2. Comfortable Wearable Design for Seamless Daily Monitoring

Experience a new era of convenience with our ABPM Machine’s comfortable and wearable design. The lightweight construction ensures a hassle-free experience, allowing you to seamlessly integrate blood pressure monitoring into your daily routine. Prioritize your health effortlessly with this discreet and user-friendly device.

Discover the comfort of wearable monitoring:

  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • 24/7 monitoring without disruption
  • Effortless integration into daily activities

3. Holistic Cardiovascular Insights with Comprehensive Data

Unlock a comprehensive understanding of your cardiovascular health with the ABPM Machine. Beyond basic blood pressure readings, this device provides holistic insights and detailed reports. Take charge of your heart health by leveraging trends and personalized recommendations, empowering you to maintain a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Unleash the power of holistic insights:

  1. Detailed reports for comprehensive understanding
  2. Trend analysis for long-term cardiovascular planning
  3. Personalized recommendations for proactive health choices
  5. ABPM-05 is among the smallest and lightest ambulatory BP monitors on the market, which provides information on blood pressure variability, overnight dipping and morning surge. ABPM-05 Ambulatory blood pressure monitor
  6. ABPM-05 benefits
  7. Meets BHS/AAMI accuracy criteria, recommended by dabl® •
  8. Sleep-friendly algorithm •
  9. IP22 water ingress protection
  10. Manual programming option
  11. Small & lightweight •
  12. EasyABPM & CardioVisions software license included •
  13. Stepwise deflation
  14. Technical Parameters ABPM-05 power supply 2 AA rechargeable NiCd or NiMH batteries or 2 AA alkaline batteries display liquid-crystal data storage internal solid state memory data transmission USB optical cable operating environment device temperature 10-45 °C cuff temperature 10-40 °C humidity (non condensing) 10-95% atmospheric pressure 70-106 kPa storage & transportation temperature -20 – 50 °C humidity (non condensing) 10-95% size 70*99*30 mm weight (batteries incl.) 240 g blood pressure measurement method oscillometer blood pressure maximum storage over 600 measurements measurement range blood pressure: 30 – 260 mmHg (4-35 kPa); pulse: 40-200 beat/minute passive accuracy +/- 3mmHg (0,4 kPa) or +/- 2% of measured value (stability: 2 years) blood pressure measurement accuracy measuring algorithm validated to BHS & AAMI protocol pressure sensor piezo resistive inflation automatically controlled pump safety maximum inflation 300 mmHg (40 kPa), independent safety release valve deflation & rapid air release automatic pressure release valve


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