3 Channel ECG Machine

2.000,00 د.إ 10

Experience unrivaled accuracy in cardiac monitoring with our 3 Channel ECG Machine. High-resolution diagnostics, user-friendly design, and comprehensive insights empower healthcare professionals and individuals alike for precise cardiovascular management

iE 300 Digital 3 Channel ECG Machine

  • Compact and portable design
  • About 1.3kg , light in weight
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery for 2h ontinuous work
  • Peripheral ports: USB, LAN port Accuracy and reliability in ECG interpretation
  • Biocare CardioProTM ECG analysis program, proven by CSE/AHA/MIT database
  • Complete digital filters and self-adapting filtering
  • Up to 300 seconds of rhythm analysis for easier in arrhythmia locating
  • Applied the latest Minnesota code Streamlined workflow, new operating experience
  • “One-touch” functional shortcut keys
  • Onscreen operation guide to check the ECG procedure
  • Multi language voice reminder and visual alarming for lead-off, low battery and no paper
  • Support general settings according to different situations for physicians and patients
  • 3 report formats: simple report, median beat report and manual report Data management solutions
  • Massive local storage capacity up to 1500 files
  • ECG management software (optional)

Applications resting

Number of channels  3-channel

Technology digital

Options with printer, with display Connectivity USB Screen

size (inches) 5 unit

3 Channel ECG Machine: Unrivaled Accuracy in Cardiac Monitoring

1. High-Resolution ECG Monitoring for Precise Diagnostics

Step into a new era of cardiac care with our 3 Channel ECG Machine. Boasting high-resolution monitoring, this device ensures precise diagnostics by capturing detailed cardiac activity. Trust in the accuracy of your readings, empowering healthcare professionals and individuals alike with the insights needed for effective cardiovascular management.

Uncover high-resolution monitoring features:

  • Three-channel ECG for comprehensive data
  • Exceptional clarity in cardiac waveform
  • Reliable diagnostic accuracy for healthcare professionals

2. Enhanced Patient Comfort with User-Friendly Design

Prioritize patient comfort without compromising on performance. Our 3 Channel ECG Machine is designed with user-friendly features, ensuring a seamless experience for both medical practitioners and patients. The ergonomic design and intuitive interface make cardiac monitoring accessible, fostering a positive experience for everyone involved.

Discover the comfort of user-friendly design:

  • Intuitive interface for effortless operation
  • Comfortable patient experience during monitoring
  • Streamlined design for efficient diagnostics

3. Comprehensive Cardiac Insights for Informed Healthcare

Go beyond basic ECG monitoring with our 3 Channel ECG Machine. This device provides comprehensive insights into cardiac health, offering detailed reports and trend analysis. Healthcare professionals can make informed decisions, tailoring treatments, and interventions for better patient outcomes.

Unleash the power of comprehensive insights:

  • Detailed reports for thorough cardiac assessment
  • Trend analysis for proactive healthcare planning
  • Empowering healthcare professionals with actionable data


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